quarta-feira, novembro 01, 2006

O alto exemplo Húngaro

Hungary, 1956: Our Revolution, um Documentário da BBC, logo, na RTP 2, às onze e meia da noite. Confirme, veja e grave.

[Vejo-me obrigado a reeditar o postal, pois o título fornecido pela RTP está errado. Aqui segue a verdadeira ficha técnica. Valha-nos Deus!]

Hungary, 1956: Our Revolution Director: Mark Kidel, Country: United Kingdom, Release: 2006, Runtime: 60 m

Mark Kidel's Hungary 1956: Our Revolution, co-produced by BBC and ARTE, explores the 1956 Uprising from a variety of viewpoints: from those who took part in the actual street demonstrations of course, but also from the perspective of the Soviet soldiers sent in to put them down. Politicians, students, factory workers, as well as employees from Radio Free Europe (who encouraged the rebels from their studios in Munich) offer their memories and impressions, as well as their thoughts on what they did - or should have done - fifty years ago. The film includes archival footage both from official and unofficial sources, as well as some amazing new material from Russia that has only recently been discovered. A terrific and provocative introduction to the major events of the 20th century's watershed moments.